HIIT is a great way of reinforcing your main workouts, they are specifically aimed at burning the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time, classes last around 30 mins and are a full body workout. Any level of fitness is welcome and you do what you can every session, thats the beauty of it.


The 21 day fat loss course is exactly that. The results we get are amazing and in 3 weeks its brilliant how you can change people perceptions of what they need to do to be fit and healthy. The most we have had some lose in the course is 16 pounds and 14 inches of fat, and this is no flash in the pan diet, this is something that you can keep to and work with forever to keep you feeling great and losing weight!!! 

The course starts with a nutrition chat for the first session where we go through why foods are good and bad for you, and what foods will help you lose weight and what will make you gain. We even go into what foods will give you more energy to train harder when you should eat them and why, this way you are always gaining knowledge to help you even more. 

We then have 8 group sessions that are aimed at burning the most fat possible each session. 

Its all well and good you hearing from me how amazing it is but your better hearing from other people in the testimonies.

2017 publication.